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About me

One day I called my dad and spilled my guts about a problem I had.

His reply would change my whole outlook on life and the challenges it comes with: "Think about it, mi hija. If it's a problem, there's a solution!" he said.

From that moment on, I loved taking problems apart to uncover solutions and learn from the outcomes.

Here are three things I enjoy about solving problems:

  1. There's nothing more satisfying than diving into something new and brainstorming different approaches until I find one that best addresses a challenge. The grand feeling of accomplishment is why so passionate about what I do.
  2. Problems have the unique quality of bringing people together. Whenever I'm stuck on something, I reach out to someone for a different perspective. Collaborative problem-solving strengthens team bonds and makes the whole process way more fun.
  3. I LOVE SHARING MY KNOWLEDGE! Helping others navigate a similar problem and seeing them succeed is the cherry on top of my problem-solving sundae.

My dad's remark has become my mantra as a designer, and I approach briefs, jobs to be done, and pain points as opportunities for innovation and solutions that help all stakeholders.

Penelope Almonte portrait
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